Surface insects management

Lawns are home to many insects. Most insects found in and on your soil are beneficial to the health of your lawn. However, some unwanted insects can cause significant damage to your green space if not treated in a timely manner; some can even cause enough damage to require you to completely replace your lawn.

Your role as a Nutrite ally

You are the best person to see the changes in your lawn. If you see yellow patches, unexplained dryness, or insects on your lawn, inform your Nutrite Expert immediately. Quick and effective control of surface insects, with the right product at the right time, can save you a lot of trouble.

Signs of insects on your lawn: 

  • Appearance of yellow patches
  • Increased presence of birds
  • Damage caused by small wild animals

To find out which insect you are dealing with, consult the Nutrite Expert Network diagnostic tool.

White grubs treatment

The white grub is the larva of various types of chafer. It feeds on the roots of plants, including the very deep roots of grass. In doing so, grubs weaken the lawn until it dies. 

The larvae feed at specific times of the season, in the autumn after the eggs have hatched and again in the spring before evolving into the next stage and emerging from the ground.

If you suspect grubs in your lawn, because the grass rises up like a carpet when you pull on it or wild animals come digging for food, contact your Nutrite Expert without delay; he will be able to offer you the appropriate treatment.

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