Lawn fertilization

Fertilization is the staple for a healthy and sustainable lawn. Just like us, plants need to feed correctly to stay healthy, fight against infestations or face bad weather. By providing your lawn the right nutrients, including through the application of fertilizers specifically designed by our agronomists at different times of the year, your Nutrite Experts make sure that your lawn’s needs are met at the right time.

Did you know a well-maintained and fed lawn traps CO2 twice as much as a non-maintained lawn? By entrusting a Nutrite Expert with your lawn, you’re committing a good gesture for the environment, while taking care of your precious green space.

In urban areas, the lawn needs a little help to stay dense and healthy in order to fulfill its environmental role fully. Its environment is not always sufficient to its needs.

Fertilizers composition

Whether natural or synthetic, also named chemicals, fertilizers are made of 3 nutritive elements : nitrogen (N), phosphore (P) and potassium (K). To these main elements are added secondary elements, such as calcium and trace elements strengthening the plant.

Natural or synthetic fertilizers?

Both types of fertilizers have their uses and their particularities. The plant does not make a distinction as to the origin of the nutritive element in order to assimilate it. Contrary to what the term chemical might suggest, synthetic fertilizers do not pose a threat to the environment any more than the natural ones. Everything is in the way they’re applied, and respect of dosage. No matter your choice, your Nutrite Expert can adjust your fertilizer package according to your choices, or the restrictions imposed by your municipality.

Phosphorus-free fertilizers

Phosphorus, although essential to the health of plants, has been blamed for the proliferation of blue-green algae. Most Quebec soils naturally contain enough phosphorus to amply meet the needs of the lawn, so there is no need to add more. Our fertilization programs with synthetic fertilizers do not contain any phosphorus and our natural fertilizers have a low phosphorus content. Unless a soil test has confirmed a lack of phosphorus, fertilizers used on lawns should not contain it. Protecting the environment is everyone’s business!

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